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Notable Accomplishments at Veritas College Prep

2015-16 - Level 5 TVAAS School (Highest rating appointed by the state)

2014-15 - State of TN Reward School for Progress - Top 5% of all public schools in the State of Tennessee

2013-14 - Rated #15 out of 765 elementary schools, and #2 out of 539 middle schools in the state of TN by the Education Consumers Foundation

2011-12 - Top 5% of schools in Tennessee for scholar progress

2010-11 - #1 Reading Growth in the State of Tennessee


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Safe, Structured, Disciplined School Environment – Children cannot learn in chaos.  Veritas Prep’s No Excuses approach to school culture means we “sweat the small stuff”.  We believe that in order for significant student achievement to occur, a school culture must emphasize sound character, structure, and responsibility.  Student achievement will not materialize from school chaos; we must eliminate distractions and maximize instructional time in order to close the achievement gap.

More Time to Learn – Like many high performing urban charter schools, Veritas Prep offers its scholars an extended school day and an extended school year.

7:20 a.m. – 4:30 p.m School Day – By extending the Veritas Prep school day to 4:30 p.m. and by maximizing instructional time, our scholars receive 5.5 hours of core subject instruction each day.   Core subjects include Math, Language Arts, Social Studies and Science.

Longer School Year - By extending our 2016-2017 School Year to June 2, 2017 and by extending our school  day by two hours and fifteen minutes, our scholars receive 1,155 hours of core subject instruction EACH YEAR.  This nearly doubles the amount of time the average student at a traditional public school will spend in core subject instruction each year.

TWO periods of Language Arts Instruction Each Day - Veritas Prep believes that not only is it important to develop proficient readers with strong comprehension skills; it is equally important to develop writers who can effectively articulate their thoughts on paper.  Veritas Prep provides each scholar with two full periods of Literacy Instruction each day.

TWO periods of Math Instruction Each Day – Veritas Prep believes that to fully prepare our scholars to compete in the global economy we must equip our students with both the mathematical knowledge and skill sets that are needed to succeed. Veritas Prep provides each scholar with two full periods of Math Procedures and Problem Solving Instruction each day.

Rigorous Standards Based Curriculum – The ability to read fluently, comprehensively, and critically, and the ability to compute accurately, analyze mathematical concepts effectively, and apply both skill and concepts appropriately, are critical for high school success and college readiness.

Our instructional research-based program is modeled after the highest performing urban, public charter schools in the nation.  All instruction and curriculum are standards-driven. For each grade level and in each subject, standards are based on and aligned with Tennessee and national curriculum frameworks. Internal interim assessments will be used by the instructional team to gauge the specific degree to which our students have mastered the standards taught and adapt our instruction accordingly.

Our curriculum is fully aligned with Tennessee State Standards and is enhanced through a set of common instructional strategies that promote oral reading fluency, vocabulary, effective questioning, and reading comprehension across all content areas.  Weekly vocabulary words, lesson objectives, and homework assignments are communicated to families.

Character Education - For the school community to be operational and true to the mission of preparing students to excel in college and in life, every member of the community must be committed to the school’s mission and dedicated to embodying our core values by walking in TRUTH:  Teamwork, Respect, Unity, Tenacity, and Honesty. Veritas Prep will ensure that teachers model and that students exemplify and increasingly internalize the school’s core values in everything that they do.

Veritas College Preparatory Charter School prepares Memphis students in grades five through eight to excel in high school and college as accomplished scholars and to contribute to their communities as ethical leaders.
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